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KDF-806 ADF System
Part Number: 066-01077-0001

The KDF-806 Gold Crown ADF System

Designed to offer superior performance and reliability, the all solid-state Bendix/King KDF 806 is the acknowledged standard in remote-mounted ADF systems.

Incorporating "coherent detection" technology, the KDF 806 is able to select weak or distant signals with a high level of accuracy. This capability helps reject interference and eliminate bearing errors, even during thunderstorms, to give you reliable ADF tracking. All ADF frequencies, from 190 kHz to 1799 kHz (with an option to include marine frequencies up to 2182 kHz), are generated by a digital synthesizer.

Compartmentalized construction offers additional RF shielding while providing easy access to circuits and components.

The system's KFS 586A digital control/display unit presents both active and standby frequencies on easy-to-read, self-dimming gas-discharge readouts.

'Flip-flop' frequency tuning, which includes a direct-tuning control, helps reduce pilot workload. Of course, the KFS 586A provides non-volatile memory storage of frequencies.

KDF-806  066-01077-0001

KDF Kit   050-01909-0007

KFS-586A 071-01284-00XX (Color & Lighting Voltage)

KFS Kit  050-02093-0001

KA-44B  071-01234-0000




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