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With a new feature set, new appearance and new functions, the Bendix/King Silver Crown Plus KX 155A and KX 165A Nav/Comms still share a rich tradition of performance, value and reliability with their predecessors, the KX 155 and KX 165. Completely redesigned, the KX 155A and KX 165A update the concept of the combined navigation and communications radio for the 21st Century. With such features as programmable Comm channels, support for 8.33kHz Comm tuning (8.33 kHz KX 165A only), GPS Quick-Tune, a series of different operation modes, remote channel increment with flip-flop tuning—a Bendix/King innovation—and a built-in timer, the KX 155A and KX 165A match their modern appearance with vastly improved capability.

Enhanced Performance

In addition to their standard use—offering both active and standby navigation and communications frequencies—the KX 155A and KX 165A incorporate a number of new control features. These include the provisionto program up to 32 Comm channels, enabling you to store and readily recall the frequencies you use on a regular basis. Pre-selected frequencies are stored in a non-volatile memory circuit, eliminating the need for backup battery power. When interfaced to the KLN 94 GPS, both the standby Comm and Nav requencies can be selected and remotely tuned from the GPS database, reducing pilot workload.

The units’ remote channel increment capability (with flip-flop tuning) allows you to change channels without taking your hands off the yoke—a feature of special interest to helicopter operators. The stuck microphone alert is a safety enhancement as well as a onvenience for you and the people you communicate with; in addition to notifying you of a problem,the KX 155A or KX 165A’s Comm transmitter will automatically shut down if their microphones are keyed continuously for more than 33 seconds.

Other new features include a bearing-to-station mode and a radial-from-station mode. An internal Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) has been included for those times when an external CDI is being driven by your GPS receiver, and the systems now include a handy elapsed-time and approach timer. The KX 165A features a built-in VOR/LOC converter, enabling it to directly drive a horizontal situation indicator (HSI).

The timer function provides you with a "stopwatch", ideal for timing a holding pattern, a non-precision approach or an individual trip leg. The timer can be programmed to count either upwards or downwards.



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