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Part Number: 90131-N

The ST3400 TAWS/RMI  (Class B) BLACK

are the industry's best-selling integrated TAWS for corporate, regional and air transport markets, the Sandel ST3400 is an integrated panel-mount system that outperforms cumbersome remote-mount TAWS systems that weigh and cost far more. A 3-ATI-size system that features a TAWS database, processor and oversized, high-resolution color display in a single unit, the ST3400 meets TSO C151b for both Class A and Class B requirements. Also incorporating RMI functionality, the ST3400 serves as a drop-in replacement for conventional RMI units, displaying terrain maps, topographic maps, navigation waypoint maps and TCAS data.


Complete FAA TAWS compliance

Meets Class A TAWS requirements for airlines and Part 135 operations

Meets Class B TAWS requirements for Part 91 operations

Full-time terrain display

Runway and waypoint overlay

Integrated TAWS computer and flat-panel display

RMI display

10,000 Hour MTBF


Drop-in, 3-ATI form factor

Easy and inexpensive to install

Costs up to 50% less than other TAWS

No "happy boxes" required

Works with digital and analog avionics

A wide variety of FMS/GPS interfaces

TCAS I display option

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